The TPS Library Media Specialists have been studying Common Core issues for several years and started isolating ELA standards that they help teach in order to align our grade/course level standards. This proved frustrating as the Common Core standards which include information literacy also include processes and outcomes for the classroom. We started looking for a new approach. We found the Illinois Standards Aligned Instruction for Libraries from the Illinois School Library Media Association:

We contacted Jackie Lakin, KSDE, about the possibility and practicality of adopting the I-Sail Standards documents for use in Topeka Public Schools. These standards are aligned not to Kansas standards but to Illinois Common Core Standards; to the AASL Standards; and to the NETs Standards. She looked at the documents online and asked if we could work with these standards as a "pilot" to see how well they work for us. KSDE is scheduled to redevelop Model Standards for Library Media, starting late this coming fall. Having a group of library media specialists working with these standards in advance would be very helpful.

Please use the standards outline in the I-SAIL documents as you plan future instruction. Please keep a record of your successful instruction units because those can be shared.

I-SAIL main page: Link here to Grade Level documents

This is a framework designed to be used with the content areas that you work with throughout your school. Be aware that this document is ever-changing and will expand as Illinois adds Common Core Standards in additional content areas.

I-SAIL is divided into individual grade levels from K-12. It contains five main library standards with bullets underneath that help to define them. Also, benchmarks and objectives are included to assist you in planning and setting goals.

TPS developed Quick Glance support documents

Initial Work on Library Media Course/Grade Level Essential Standards (aligned with the Common Core Standards)

Link here to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards and related information.
KSDE College & Career Ready Standards Resources

Link here to the American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 21st-Century Learner and related information.
AASL 21st-Century Learner site