Equipment and Equipment Issues

Equipment Usage and Location:
Equipment checkout and assignment guidelines should be developed to allow equitable access to all teachers. Equipment should be checked out to teachers/rooms using the Destiny Library System. If there are pieces of equipment in your building that you need to track and they have a TPS barcode on them, but they are not listed in Destiny, use the "Barcode or Data Record Request" and add the barcode number information at the bottom of the form. Fill out the form and email or send a print copy to the Media Services office.

If teachers or other staff want to take equipment home, follow the guidelines in Regulation 2830-01: Use of School District Property . Scroll down the page to the Regulation which contains the agreement form.

Receiving New Equipment:
All audiovisual and computer equipment that the District purchases must be received by the designated receiving departments as follows: Audiovisual Equipment - Media Services, Service Center and Computer and peripherals - Information Technology. These departments are responsible for authorizing payment, for barcoding the item, and starting the procedure that adds the item to the District's Fixed Asset List.

All audiovisual and computer equipment that is donated to the District or makes it to your school unbarcoded, needs to be barcoded. To get barcodes for this equipment, fill out the form below and email or send a print copy to the Media Services office. (Contact Media Services, if you don't know who to email.)

Maintaining Equipment:

All equipment should be periodically tested and cleaned. Once a year, usually at the end, audiovisual equipment should be checked for damage and cleaned. If there is construction scheduled, equipment should be stored with plastic "dust" covers.

Repairing Equipment:
The repair procedure for equipment depends on the type of equipment. Computers and computer peripherals that are not functioning correctly are reported through the building Technical Assistant. Audiovisual Equipment is reported through the TPS Service Center "work order" system currently using SchoolDude.

Discarding Equipment:
  • One of the realities in a school media center is equipment eventually wears out or becomes obsolete. The increasingly rapid change in technology amplifies this problem. Consider discarding equipment that is obsolete, in poor physical condition, or cannot be repaired at reasonable cost. Below, see the TPS procedures for discarding equipment.

Replacing Lost, Stolen, or Destroyed Equipment: