Internet Safety

Some Resources for teaching about Internet safety were posted on KASL-L by Rochelle Sheddric, from Oswego, USD 504. Follow the link to Olathe Schools. There are quite a few additional resources there. -Diane L

We use a combination of CyberSmart! and NetSmartz. See attached chart of

In the Olathe District we have implemented a program called CO3. C
stands for cyber, O stands for Olathe and 3 stands for the 3 strands
of the program; cyber safety, cyber integrity, and cyber ethics. We
present programs to students, district and the community on these
three topics. In addition we have integrated the topics into our
elementary and secondary computer classes, library media curriculum,
and counselors curriculum. We use several programs such as Netsmartz,
I-Safe etc. Our website for this program is
  • Educational programs>Cyber Safety and Integrity. From there you
can choose links for elementary, junior high and secondary