Once a year, usually in the late Spring or right before school adjourns for the summer, perform a book/materials inventory and a equipment inventory.

--Here is a "Step-by-Step" list of activities that need to be completed to take a TPS inventory of materials and equipment.

--To get a detailed checklist of the procedures involved in Destiny inventory: Login to Destiny. Go to Back Office/Inventory. Click on Destiny "Help" (in the upper right corner). Search for "Inventory". And "Review the Inventory Checklist".

--The instructions for using the current TPS Destiny system and scanners are below.

--Remember that an important part of the inventory process is checking the Job Manager Reports that are generated after you upload scans. Here is a sample of what those reports look like, what you need to watch for, and actions you need to take.

--One of the activities that must be completed by the end of the school year is an inventory of the Audiovisual and Portable Computer Equipment in your building. Here is a FAQ sheet to help answer commonly asked questions about equipment inventory.

--And below are the instructions for completing the inventory.

After the inventory is completed, please turn in books that don't have a record in Destiny to the Central Media Services office for reentry and fill out the form below to have equipment records entered. Use the Naming list to determine what kind of equipment you are reporting.