Supporting Lead21 - What Works?
March 9, 2012
Media Meeting Discussion Groups
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Lead21 e-Resources
November 7, 2011
Media Meeting Breakout Sessions
Jan Stover, facilitator
Notes from D. Leupold


  • Open the Lead 21 website in your school by using the icon in the Language Arts-Reading folder. This allows the Google Chrome browser to open the website. It was reported that Mozilla Firefox seems to work well for a home connection.
  • Press the "activate your account" and use the authorization code within the email sent to you by D. Leupold. The class handout has the registration information in the last paragraph.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions when completing the registration. Tip:Use your school email address as your username, as well as your school street address when completing the registration.
  • Complete the registration by associating or enrolling in one of Darcy's "practice classes that start with 501
  • Navigation within the ePlanner tab:select orange button Find Lesson, lesson number, unit-week-lesson, Show lesson. The results appear in the light blue field. Click on the link. You can then review the resources and objectives.
  • Return to the eTools21 and review the information in the inquiry tab.


  • Would like to know which class to enroll in so the ePlanner and eTools can be used effectively.
  • How does the e-planner become your own to manipulate?
  • How does the calandar become current?
  • Can you follow/monitor a class as they progress through the Unit?
  • Want more extensive training from Darcy or Jewelia.

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