Elementary Literature Sets

The TPS District Media Center has a collection of elementary level literature sets of approximately 26 books each. These were designed to help those wanting to provide literature based, whole class learning experiences.

To reserve sets for use in your classroom, contact TPS Media Services or email Diane Leupold and Elaine Demuth <ademuth>. We recommend that you reserve sets in advance.

The standard circulation periods are: K-1 grade levels - 1 week, 2-3 grade levels - 2 weeks, 4-5 grade levels - 3 weeks.

Literature sets are delivered during the day on Tuesday. Please pick up literature sets from the delivery point promptly. This avoids having the literature sets
picked up before you have used them.

Literature sets are picked up from the school during the day on Monday. Please get literature sets to the pick-up point at your school by 8 am on the Monday they are scheduled for return. This is the only day the delivery schedule allows pick up of the literature sets.

For information about the story lines of the books in the literature sets, and for additional media relating to them and to the authors,
contact your building library media specialist.

Most books in these sets are more than 20 years old and need to be gently used. We try to repair them as needed so please let us know when books are damaged by putting a note on them.

If you have questions about scheduling or a missed the return date, contact Media Services (295-3941) or email Diane Leupold and Elaine Demuth <ademuth>.

Here is the list of titles arranged in grade level recommendations.

or you can look in the TPS District Media Center Catalog. Here are the instructions.